Street Sapeurs Trend ❘ Maison Château Rouge

September 2, 2015

Showcased at our last trend presentation – “Fashion Heroes” – at the Who’s Next show, Maison Château Rouge is a young Parisian label that celebrates the district of the same name located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Launched by the Fofana brothers, the label’s clothes, both colourful and with a distinct pride of origin, symbolize the vibrant fusion of different cultures: a bold blend of loincloth, as traditionally worn by African women, and an urban style. In the process, wax prints are waylaid and restyled with cuts inspired by sports. A creative melting pot that is a winner, as it also provides business for the merchants of the Château Rouge neighbourhood who supply the wax fabrics. More broadly, the label also subscribes to a social project entitled “Les Oiseaux Migrateurs” (Migratory Birds). Launched in September 2014, this association makes a collaborative contribution to the development of African micro-businesses and SMEs. The novel label belongs to the current trend going by the name of ‘Street Sapeurs’, which we presented at the last Who’s Next show. They are the new street heroes, the echo of new melting pots that combine the vibrancy of Africa and SAPE culture with the energy of major capital cities. They flaunt the desire to re-appropriate African culture in order to reinvent it, confronting it with other cultures to share with the rest of the world. The silhouette comes across as a shrewd play on compositions, even a real performance. Joyful combinations and a battle of booming patterns. An ever-elegant neo-melting pot style that pays tribute to the African “sapeur” and his dandy strut. You can see it all, together with the style’s origins, inspirations and de-coding, in our section ‘Take away”, the latest studies from MLC.


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