Post-Soviet Style | The No-Go Zoner Trend

January 21, 2016

No-Go Zones, depressingly (and wrongly) depicted last year by Fox News after the Charlie Hebdo killings, are in actual fact those very locations where young people live, vibrate and move. They have triggered the emergence of this new style trend that marks a return of the underground. In one of its videos, the magazine ID hi-jacked the term, making it the Absolutely Go Zone and described this generation that is reclaiming its rights to life free of imposed confines (venues, genre, style). These No-Go Zoners, that we are featuring at the Who’s Next show create kinship between life and rave parties (1990s style underground parties), leaving room for imperfection as if to release the pressure. They borrow from the cold and imperfect styles of post-Soviet Russia, in the image of Gosha Rubchinskiy, a designer-cum-photographer now creating a buzz in men’s fashion. The styles created by this 30 year-old designer who grew up in Russia blend this post-USSR culture with the spirit of rave parties, hip-hop with the skateboard spirit. Another icon from this new myth is the Danish singer MØ and her song Kamikaze. A short film that brilliantly illustrates the genre was shot in Kiev, Ukraine, and stages a gang dressed in the sports codes of the 1990s in a crazy race in the Mad Max Fury Road style.


Clip by MØ – Kamikaze

MLC-Mo Kamikase Mlc-mo-kamikase2

Gosha Rubchinskiy collections

Mlc-GoshaSS16 Mlc-Gosha-fw15