Leherpeur Paris - Prospective Strategy Creation
Consulting Agency - Paris and Shanghai
We support brands from 4 key sectors: fashion, luxury, media, art of living

« Open Imagination for brand creativity »

Our role:

To anticipate changes, build new strategies, nurture creative territories

Our approach:

Facilitate and grow

We see ourselves as facilitators who grow and enhance projects, magnifying and creating desirability for brands and products by translating and putting defined strategies into full operational mode.

© Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied

Made to measure

A look from the outside, always made-to-measure, a link rather than a guru... We set out to write recommendations that clients can appropriate rather than come up with standardize recipes. We support you throughout the whole of your creative process, which is always in safe hands.

© Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied

Your creative value

New trends are everywhere, and our role is to select what is right for you and find "your creative value"… That connection point between your brand identity, trends and consumer evolution.

© Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied

Our services


Picking up the scent to where future creation and lifestyles are headed. Understanding burgeoning evolutions in society to ant...


Portraits of trend-setting role-model figures who promulgate the future wants and needs of consumers and tomorrow’s new ...

Us & co

A task force - collective intelligence - you and us, to build a tool that is yours and yours alone, designed to unite your teams around one and the same vision.

Caroline Bianzina
Consulting Director
Hélène Capgras
Head Of Brain For Beauty
Amélie Chabod
Artistic Director
Corinne Denis
Creative Director
Patricia Donati
Head Of Accounting
Elsa Durieux
In Charge Of Studies
Jean-Philippe Évrard
Bénédicte Fabien
Forecasting & Strategy Director
Florence Hellier
Consulting Director
Emmanuelle Hyson
Odile Le Cœur
Assistant Account Manager
Martine Leherpeur
Sandrine Pannetier
Chief Executive
Sabrina Pelissier
Project Manager
Gaëlle Petit
In Charge Of General Services
Morgane Pouillot
In Charge Of Studies
Sandra Sery

Happening now

They have chosen to work with us:

Bensimon, Sergent Major, Galeries Lafayette, Françoise Saget, Pimkie, Morgan, aéroport de nice, Lagardere Travel Retail, Cristal d’Arques, Nature et Découvertes, Marie Claire, Canal+, Who's Next, Sarenza, Jules, Hermès, Mode City, Rémy Cointreau, Sport 2000

Plus many others we cannot mention for reasons of confidentiality.

Fashion is the ground in which we thrive, its capacity for perpetual reinvention lies at the heart of our philosophy and is the driving force for every process.

Do you want to work with us?